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SINP Entrepreneur

The Nomination Process

The Entrepreneur Category of the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Programme (SINP) gives applicants the chance to start, buy, or co-own a firm in Saskatchewan and take an active role in its operations.

Table of Contents

The Procedure for Nominations
Minimum Standards for Eligibility
Point Grid for Expression of Interest,

Business Establishment Plan,

Report on Exploratory Visit,

When Not to Apply,
Invitation Past,


The Procedure for Nominations

Step 1: Send the SINP an Expression of Interest (EOI).
In an online survey, potential immigrants express their interest in living in Saskatchewan and running a business there by answering questions about their entrepreneurial background, assets, and Business Establishment Plan (BEP), among other things. Candidates that satisfy the minimal requirements for entry will be added to the EOI applicant pool, where they will receive a score and be ranked based on selection criteria on a points criteria grid.

Step 2: Call for Applications
On the basis of their score, candidates are chosen from the EOI system. Prioritisation for selection and official application submission goes to the highest scoring EOIs. Candidates who have been chosen are encouraged to apply to the SINP under the subcategory of Entrepreneur immigration. After that, candidates go through the verification procedure. A SINP Entrepreneur Approval Letter, proving support for the applicant's request to the IRCC for a two-year temporary work permit, will be given to those who successfully complete this stage. With this permission, the candidate can lawfully live and work in Saskatchewan while carrying out the business proposal.

Step Three: Nomination
An applicant may apply to have the SINP nominate them for permanent residence after they have fulfilled the requirements of the Business Performance Agreement.

Minimum Standards for Eligibility

Minimum Qualifications for Candidates
To be deemed qualified for the Entrepreneur Category, candidates need to:

Fulfil the following requirements in order to submit an EOI to the SINP:
a minimum net worth of $500k CAD, as confirmed by a third party professional who has been approved by the Ministry;
a legally acquired net worth that has been at least 80% confirmed by a third party professional who has been approved by the Ministry;
a minimum of three years' worth of prior ten-year experience in entrepreneurship; and
A minimum equity investment of $200,000 CAD in any other Saskatchewan community, or $300,000 CAD in Regina or Saskatoon.

possess a thorough understanding of their Business Establishment Plan (BEP) and be able to prove it;
possess a minimum of one-third (33.33 percent) of the stock in a Saskatchewanian company, unless their entire investment exceeds $1,000,000 CAD;
If a new firm is established in Saskatoon or Regina, it must provide or retain a minimum of two jobs for Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents in Saskatchewan (non-relative workers);
The applicant must keep the staffing complement of the business—the total number of employees who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents—in place at the time of purchase if they are buying an established firm in Saskatoon or Regina.
live in Saskatchewan with their family members who are dependent on them; and
Ink a corporate performance agreement with the Saskatchewan government.


Ineligible Businesses

The SINP Entrepreneur Category is not open to the following kinds of businesses:

leasing, investing, and renting of real estate;
business brokerage, insurance brokerage, or real estate development and brokerage;
professionals in the field or independent contractors who need to be licenced or accredited;
cash machines, cheque cashing, money exchange and payday loans;
credit unions
Home-based enterprises, such as lodging facilities and bed & breakfasts; cooperatives; and
investments made in a company that is run mainly to generate income from passive investments.
a company that is housed in a multi-business retail space, condo, project, incubator, or other establishment that is not yet operational or finished and/or depends on funding or commercial activities from SINP entrepreneurs to develop, finish, or maintain the project.

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