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Malaysia is a beautiful country with friendly people, some of the most stunning architecture, and beautiful scenery. With good reason, an increasing number of people from the Western countries are making the decision to relocate to Malaysia. Malaysia is proving to be popular with expat relocations, digital nomads, and people looking to escape to a tropical paradise due to its ideal weather, beautiful beaches, low cost of living, and ideal work-life balance.


Start your new company or open a branch office of your existing company and get benefits of staying and working in this beautiful country with your family.

Business Colleagues
Freelancer Working from Home
Video Call with Sign Language


The DE Rantau Nomad Pass is a new type of Professional Visit Pass that lets qualified foreign digital nomads travel and work in Malaysia for up to a year and can be renewed for an additional year. In addition, the primary pass holder is permitted to bring in their spouse and/or children.


The low cost of education in Malaysia is one of the best reasons to study there. Even though tuition costs vary depending on the course, Malaysian education is nearly comparable to that of other more developed nations. Additionally, living costs are affordable in Malaysia.

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